Monday, September 22, 2008

Skater Girl!

Tanner was a sweet big brother.
As soon as he heard Kaylin say she wanted a "skatefork"
He was right on top of things!
She wanted a Hello Kitty one but we just didnt see any at Toys R Us.
Well Tanner bought a small skateboard with his own money!
We painted it and put some princess stickers and an extra coat
of sealer so they would stay on.
And Kaylin got her "Skatefork!"

Beautiful flowers from my sis!

Thanks Diane!
I love you!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kaylin's new room

OK as most of you know I overdid it with Kaylin's bed earlier this year. If you don't know go here.
I decided to sell her bed after she fell out of it a time or two, nothing serious but it could have been. Then I caught her on the roof of the bed! That was the last straw.
So I sold it on Craigslist and got this.
I had enough money left over to get a new bedspread and lamp for her too.
If you cant see it the bed spread says
"Its not easy being a princess"
How true is that? ;)

Tanner's new Haircut!

After months of nagging him about keeping his hair our of his eyes, and a really bad trim by the lady at the PX, Tanner finally decided he could let go of his long hair!!!
We went to a barber shop my neighbor recommended called Stud Cuts and this is the result!
I am sooooo excited!
It has taken me a while to get the picture posted of the cut because I have been busy.