Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Child of the 80's part 2

Cheri's pictures.
Ok I figured since Karen
didnt like my little comment about her 80's hair
I thought I would be fair and post my own 80's pics.
By the way Karen you have no idea how much I had to dig to find these oldies!

You know you were a child of the 80's when..........

you had a metal swing set in your back yard
that when you swung too high on the swing it almost tipped over
because no one thought to make sure it was stable.

You had an ET shirt or some kind of ET covered something

you had to hope that someone in your family could get a Cabbage Patch doll for you
because they were so hard to find.
You may have even settled for a fake until you could get a real one.

And who could possible forget
Strawberry Shortcake!!

if you ever had a stone washed denim jacket

Side pony tails, big bows, and big glasses!
Everything as big as possible!

Flouresecent clothes!!!

ok I just had to throw this one in :)
This is Tod and I.
His favorite picture of us when we were dating.


Karen Sherrill said...

I can't make fun of you...because...well...except for the rainbow clothing...our attire was about the same ;o). My glasses were a clear king of plastic frame...and were a hair where is your rainbow shirt??? hahaha

Karen Sherrill said...

I mean...a white shirt with an actual rainbow on it...not tie die.

Karen Sherrill said...

Shannon says...."My...what big glasses you have!!!!" WOW...what more needs to be said about that??? :o)

Karen Sherrill said...

Shannon says...and the perm....again....WOW!!!! :o)

Jessica said...

I have no words for what I just witnessed. None. lol