Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Sherrills

The table is set.
Karen made it pretty!

Turkey cookies!

All the kids ready to eat,
some a little more ready and gone insane from the hunger lol

Kaitlyn in her favorite shirt and that
weird insane kid behind her

OOPS! I guess this is not her favorite shirt anymore!
This is what happens when you put something too close to a hamster cage.
Sorry again Kaitlyn!

What do kids do with spare time on their hands?
Play video games!
Amy at the computer
Kaitlyn advising Tanner on the best way to play Pocket Tanks

More Pocket Tank playing
Kaitlyn, Kristin, Tanner, and Savana

The labs actually being still for a moment!
Molly and Sidney

Kaylin and poor sweet Charlie (must be said with Brittish accent LOL)
Charlie is such a sweet dog, a little too round to be a hot dog
so Tanner decided to call him Sausage.
Everyone loves Charlie including Kaylin,
by the look on his face I dont know if he feels the same about her.

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