Friday, December 26, 2008

Presents from Aunt Diane!

Tod and Tanner got cool gift cards but I didnt
find it necessary to take pics lol

I think she likes her Cinderella Barbie!
YAY! More Texas stuff!

My future Chef!
She obvisouly dosent take after me! lol

Kaylin had to put on her Cinderella dress to match her barbie,
and then see if Cinderella's slipper will fit Apple Dumpling

She put her new cookbook to good use right away
and made dinner for us Christmas eve.

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Talese Hall said...

Oh wow - I need a cook at our house. How great that she cooked a meal for you on Christmas Eve. I'm a pretty bad cook, but Edie was super impressed with my nachos...her comment was "WOW Mom, you're really great at making these nachos!" So, I guess that is my specialty dish - nachos. HAHA